4 Ideas of Decorative Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse table can be empowered to decorate fashionably. If you are planning to go with the table, you can freely choose classic, rustic, chic, to modern concept to be applied. Here are 4 decorative ideas of the table. Hope you’re inspired and encouraged to try them at home.

Classic and Rustic Farmhouse Table

When it comes to the term classic, white may best represent it. The color can even add up romance, just like the creation of Rita Schrager who utilized the neutral tone to uplift the class of the dining room. The table in light cherry is paired with white chairs and wall paint, and dark-stained floorboards. Meanwhile, the creation of Edwina Hunt taught us how to play cleverly with wood for rustic dining room. The table in solid brown is matched with woven chairs and area rug in matching palette.

Table for Chic and Modern Look

From the picture taken by William Waldorn, it’s only a space with a table and three stools, but the arrangement involves unique mismatching stools and white-brown setting for chic clean lines. Finally, modernity can be realized through pale cherry table and black chairs, along with greyish white pendants, just like what Christine d’Ornano has created.