Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Giving Luxury Impression

Bathroom lighting ideas that you can use for your luxurious bathroom is to use lamps that support a luxury in itself. For example, your bathroom is white with elegant patterned floor, then your bath up of rocks that support the luxury itself. You can use the lights hidden in the crevice between the bathrooms, this will give the effect of light and also highlight a certain part of your bathroom such. in addition, also use large mirrors to a part of the wall in the bathroom, this glass will reflect light effects are cool.

Bathroom lighting ideas You Need to Apply

In addition to lighting as above, you can also use old-fashioned lights to give the impression of a classic. We recommend that if you want to use this ancient light, you paint your walls with dimmed. This will support your bathroom with classic impression.

Lighting for Bathroom Modern

Another story if you have a bathroom with a modern concept, the walls are made of rock that luxury. Then you can use a light reflection. Same ways as the lights are hidden as above, only you use a light purple. This will give a luxurious effect and also beautiful in your bathroom is.