Bedroom Ideas for Girls with Classy Look

Bedroom ideas for girlsdo not always necessarily girly. Typically the ideas are related to something feminine such as princess. However, it is no longer to stay on that track. There should be something innovative for the girl, and having classy impression will be great. Basically this idea relies on how the room is created to achieve aged look. However, it is not too shabby as it is not tempting at all.

Classy Bedroom Ideas for Girls


To create such ideas, there are some elements that should be completed. First of all the furniture should have classic look. That means you will find something with complicated and artistic embellishment such as carvings and other ornate. The handle bar should be classy too. The bed coming with 4 pillars for canopy is also great as it can be used later for making a perfect impression of classy bedroom.

Decoration of Girls Bedroom Ideas


For the decoration, it is better to focus on creating classy color tone. It can be done in two ways; the first is through painting and the other though lighting. Recommended painting for this purpose is something with vintage impression. Yellow, brownie, and grey are great colors for this purpose. The lighting should accentuate the color by making it more intense.