Choices and Placement Tips for Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathroom vanity lights come in various selections that can be chosen based on the style and design and give special effect in the bathroom. They also can be use as bathroom decoration and bring special mood for the bathroom. You have to be smart to choose the suitable and right lighting for the vanity then placed them in the right position.

Suitable Choice for Bathroom Vanity Lights

There are many kinds of lighting that can be choose to place in the vanity and give beautiful effect for bathroom such as accent lighting, wall sconces and mason jar lighting. They will give dramatic effect to the vanity and make the bathroom nuance and lighting around vanity look great.

How to Place the Vanity Lights in Perfect Position

When placing the sconces or pendant on the side of vanity, you have to make they are evenly spaced. It will make them do not cast the unwanted shadow. You can also hang the pendant light in the corners of the bathroom and it will work perfectly to light up the vanity and it will not produce shadows on your face when looking at the mirror and it can also place on the ceiling.