Consideration for Perfect Small Bathroom Design

Small bathroom design is great idea to make the bathroom look comfortable and relaxing even build in the limited space. There are many simple ways and ideas to create small design of bathroom that still has comfortable feeling and does not look clutter. You will be able to fit all of the furniture and items in the limited space you have.

What to Consider for Small Bathroom Design

When designing small bathroom, the most important consideration is the configuration of every items in the bathroom. You have to be able to configure the sink, toilet, shower and the storage. They are important element that should appear in the bathroom and should be fitted with the bathroom in limited space.

Perfect Tips for Designing Small Bathroom

To maximize the space in small bathroom, it would be best to put the sink in the corner. Then maximize the space by making the storage to be float on the wall or choose vanity that gas shelves or drawers for storage and mount the towel bar on door to use the advantages of the door. To make the bathroom feel more spacious, put mirror in the bathroom to reflect the light for larger effect.