Corner Bathroom Vanity for Minimalist Houses or Luxury

Corner bathroom vanity can be put in a corner of your home, or in a corner near the stairs of your house. The material may be a combination of wood with rocks, or even with ceramics. Because it is placed in the corner, then usually shaped angled elbow. If the corner of your room is not too big, you can use the small size.

Angle corner bathroom vanity for the Luxury Home

To produce a luxurious corner of the house, you can replace the first paint your walls. You change the wallpaper with a simple motif that will reflect the luxury. In addition to wallpaper, you can also put a hanging lamp with a yellow color with a classic artistic lamp cover. You can also sink made of synthetic rock that has a unique motif. This will create a corner of your room look more luxurious and attractive.

Corner Vanity simple to minimalist

In contrast to the above example, you could use the sink and cupboard with a simple design with a white color that symbolizes simplicity. In addition you can also use regular dispersion mirror with or without a frame. If using a frame, you can use white color also make it more harmonious.