Hello Kitty Bedroom Elements

Hello Kitty bedroomis quite famous among kids while in fact adults also love that in some sort. Regardless of the age, this figure can be great inspiration for decorating the bedroom. However, depending on age, Hello Kitty can be transformed into many things. There will be some additional details as the age increases. There is no exact measurement for achieving such appearance, and there will be classified below.

Hello Kitty Bedroom for Master Bedroom


It is not common though to make master bedroom look this way, yet it does not mean it is impossible. To create mature Hello Kitty impression, one should consider the place for putting this figure. One recommended place will be in curtain, bed sheet, and rugs. Other major elements such as wall do not need to be decorated using Hello Kitty image as it is quite weird. The wall and other decoration is best to left according to Hello Kitty color tone.

Hello Kitty for Kid’s Bedroom


Finally, this image is quite suitable for kids. It is possible to put Hello Kitty anywhere wished. Putting Hello Kitty image on the wall is a viable option as it directly states the theme. It is basically the reverse version of master bedroom with Hello Kitty with more highlights on the figure.