Kitchen Island Design for Modern House

Kitchen island design must complement a kitchen appearance even though it is not designed that way. The main reason is because the island is a piece of furniture having functions. Functions of furniture are not limited to its mechanical or practical function such as food preparation – related to the kitchen island. However, it should go further including the total appearance of a kitchen. This way, the kitchen will look interesting and beautiful at the same time.


Modern Kitchen Island Design for Purchase

Considering another function of Kitchen Island as furniture – as decoration object – Kitchen Island may appear in modern appearance. What is emphasized in this model is sleek and simple look. The simplification does not mean monotonous appearance. Instead, it removes some details such as lacework, carving, etc. on the surface of the island.


Island Top for Emphasizing Modern Impression

As the island is designed to meet contemporary need, the island top also needs to be suitable. A marble island top in single or dual color tone is perfectly suitable. It is important to note that other combos may work well such as clean white table. It really brings cleanliness of room and is suitable for modern house interior with white domination.