L-Shaped Sofa in Small Living Room Design

Small living room design is design for the small size living room. Small space is really gave effect for the living room since it’ll be about placing the furniture and the decorations. There are many ways to do put the furniture and other things in the small living room. In this article, we’ll talk about the L-shaped sofa for the small living room.

Simple L-Shaped Sofa for Small Living Room Design

The first option that you can use for the small living room is to use the simple L-shaped sofa. The simple L-shaped sofa is the one color L-shaped sofa that filled the space around the living room. The rest space in the middle of the living room can be used for the small table. Since the theme is simple, you can just decorate the table with vases and flowers and let the rest space empty without furniture or decorations.

Small Living Room with L-shaped Sofa and Ottoman

If you didn’t want to put any table, you can change the table with ottoman since it has the similar size and use the ottoman as the table. The ottoman has the look for decoration and the function for your small living room.