Living Room Decorating Ideas Using Used Plates

Living room decorating ideas might be something that many people are looking for nowadays. Unfortunately, as we all know, many things related with the decoration will usually cost you high. Therefore, if you want to get the nice looking decoration for your living room with the considerably cheap price, you might want to consider using the old plates or saucers.


Colorful Plates for Living Room Decorating Ideas

You just need to pick some used plates that you do not use anymore. The color is not that important since you will give another paint for he plates. If you have collected all of the used plates, you just need to paint he plates with many different colors that can make the plates look more beautiful. After that, you just need to arrange all of those colorful plates that you already made.


Plate Photo Frames for Decorating Your Living Room

If you are looking for something better, you can use the small round part of the lower part of the plate as the area to put your photos. Using those colorful plates, you can make sure that you will have the unique looking frames that can be used for the decoration in your living room. You should try that one for the unique idea for your living room decoration.