Living Room End Tables Design and Size Tips

Living room end tables will change and give different impression into your living room. They designed to be perfect match to complement the sofas and chairs in the living room to give the special notions at the end of the sofas.

What to Choose for Living Room End Tables

There are various designs and styles that can be chosen for end tables that will placed in the living to create beautiful and interesting decoration. They can be in modern, traditional, contemporary even classic style that would perfectly complete the sofas. The shape also come in various construction such as round table or square which have function to land pad for table lamps or to place some accessories as decoration in the living room.

Right Size when Choosing End Tables

Standard sofa usually has 25 inches height, so the tables usually sized between 22 to 23 inches to fit with the sofa. But, there is nesting table that become a great option to choose because it has little extra height. For the armless sofas, the table option can be tables that have suitable height where the arms sit or choose table that has low models with same height with the seat.