Old yet Stylish Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outdoor Kitchen Islandis the kitchen island that placed outdoor. Usually it consists of small kitchen cabinet with special griller since usually the kitchen island will be used for BBQ party. Many people enjoy BBQ party in the garden or in the back yard. That’s why they need the kitchen island in outdoor situation.

Bricks Materials for Outdoor Kitchen Island

There are many kinds of Kitchen Island that can be considered as old yet stylish design. The first one is the kitchen island that using bricks as the part of the materials of the kitchen island. They’ll use the bricks for the place under the griller to get the vibe of the real griller. The bricks are also giving kind of old yet stylish look for the kitchen island.

Mineral Stones for the Kitchen Island

The next material that we usually found in the kitchen island is mineral stones. The function and the places for mineral stones in the kitchen island is the same as bricks. But for mineral stones, we can get more various designs since there are many kinds of mineral stones with different colors and patterns. We can get the old yet stylish look from the mineral stones.