Big Size of Kitchen Island Table

Kitchen island tableis the table that usually put in the middle of the kitchen. The table in this case is the table that has similar or the same design as the kitchen cabinet. The kitchen island is the typical of the kitchen with L-shaped kitchen cabinet and one big kitchen table that put in the […]

Modern Kitchen Designfor Modern House

Modern kitchen designis the kitchen that using modern design for the main theme of the kitchen. Modern theme is basically the most popular one. The reason why people love modern design is because the decoration is pretty simple. It’s more like clean and neat rather than filled and packed. People are also creating new unique […]

Using Living Room Rugs as Decorations

Living room rugs are the rugs that used in the living room. The rug is very similar with the carpet but this one is bit thicker. The main function of the rug is to cover the floor, just like the carpet. But the function has been change a bit since many designers were starting to […]

Kitchen Sinks From Traditional To Modern

Kitchen sinks come in various appearance. The function is different depending on its creation. Several sinks are based on classic or modern impression. However, it is also common to see the sinks coming in hybrid version. Considering the two models, it is better to take a look at them both.   Traditional and Classy Kitchen […]

Old yet Stylish Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outdoor Kitchen Islandis the kitchen island that placed outdoor. Usually it consists of small kitchen cabinet with special griller since usually the kitchen island will be used for BBQ party. Many people enjoy BBQ party in the garden or in the back yard. That’s why they need the kitchen island in outdoor situation. Bricks Materials […]

Designing Cool and Convenient Rolling Kitchen Island

Rolling Kitchen Island is one type of island that is commonly found at home. It has very specific purpose which is related to baking: rolling. This island is supposed to be utilized for rolling dough comfortably. Therefore, it should meet some criteria before it is utilized for home use. There are three different aspects that […]

Custom Kitchen CabinetsDesign and Ideas

Custom kitchen cabinetsare the kitchen cabinet that using custom design. Custom design is like the design that using natural wooden color and design for the furniture. Custom design is usually used for much furniture and the result will be the furniture in one theme or similar theme. It’ll be great for the house with simple […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing for Making Kitchen Fresh

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is performed when people need to different kind of impression of their cabinet. A finishing is slightly different from restoration in which a refinishing only focuses on surface condition. Some classic cabinets, however, may lose their values if their finishing is changed. Therefore, it is important to ask to professional before deciding […]

Kitchen Pendant Lighting for Presenting Dramatic Look

Kitchen pendant lighting is a nice type that can be utilized for determining particular look for the kitchen. Typically this lighting is meant to emphasize classic impression within the kitchen. It is absolutely a great way for achieving dramatic look without installing more exaggerating items such as chandelier. It is a great alternative that can […]

Kitchen Island Design for Modern House

Kitchen island design must complement a kitchen appearance even though it is not designed that way. The main reason is because the island is a piece of furniture having functions. Functions of furniture are not limited to its mechanical or practical function such as food preparation – related to the kitchen island. However, it should […]