Rustic Dining Table at Its Best

Rustic dining table is often arranged in rustic dining room. Rustic decoration itself often involves wood and warm colors as the dominant parts of the room. You are lucky enough because we’re going to talk about maximizing the dining table in such theme. Take a look.

Rustic Dining Table for Rustic Dining Room

Learning from the creation of two designers Caleb Barber and Deirdre Heekin, a rustic dining room can be realized though clever mixture between vintage and modern elements. Of course, the dining room relies on the presence of rustic table shown up in wood. It is a room of fun twist and layers. We can see clearly through the floral wallpaper and colorful wool rug, and slim, white chairs complementing the table.

Rustic Table for Dynamic Look

Rustic concept can also make the dining room more dynamic. Take a look at the creation of designer Betsy Brown and get inspired. It is a rustic table made from walnut slab with curvy steel legs as the room’s focal point. Upholstered chairs are there to complete the function. Summing up, area rug and antique prints are chosen. The whole set is not only versatile in stylishness, but also offers enjoyable dining time through earthy palette.