Shabby Chic Bedroom for DIY Workers

Shabby chic bedroomis actually not really nice to see. A furniture with shabby look is quite old-fashioned. Moreover, it looks like that the furniture is not intended to be used at all. However, people who love DIY project actually can create a shabby chic which makes the furniture more appealing than ever. Well, this one cannot be generalized but it works for many people.

Some Furniture in Shabby Chic Bedroom


There are several pieces of furniture that can be decorated using shabby impression. The bed is absolutely one of them. Using sandpaper usually works to create pretty impression. Since it is DIY work, it is possible to create customized pattern or new grain for the bed. Therefore, not all places are created in shabby impression.

Important Note for Shabby Bedroom


Though sanding and creating shabby distress is quite fun thing to do, it is better to have a limit. The limit for creating this DIY project is as soon as the furniture looks too shabby. It is definitely quite abstract and unimaginable. However, there is one good indicator for nice shabby chic. The shabby impression should not appear if seen 9 feet away from the furniture. Once it can be achieved, it will be a cool way for creating new impression in bathroom.