Tips to Maintain Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops are somehow a very good choice when it turns to style and durability. There are so many reasons why people like to choose granite as their countertop material from individual preference to more-objective preference. Whatever your reason is, here are several maintenance tips for you to keep your granite seems beautiful as always.

What to Do to Care Granite Kitchen Countertops

The simple idea to keep your granite looking great is to prevent bad habits which may able to damage it. When you want to clean the surface of your granite countertop, you should use soft cloth or sponge to clean it. Then, you should use coasters under bottles, glasses and cans since granite is different with marble which has absolute necessity.

What You Dont to Care Granite Countertops

First, don’t use any generic cleaning product like bleach when you want to clean the countertops. Using vinegar, lemon and ammonia are also not recommended to clean your granite countertops. Second, you should not cut on the granite, it will be better for you to use cutting boards. Second, don’t stand or even sit on your countertops although you think that it is such hard and durable kind of material.