Using Living Room Rugs as Decorations

Living room rugs are the rugs that used in the living room. The rug is very similar with the carpet but this one is bit thicker. The main function of the rug is to cover the floor, just like the carpet. But the function has been change a bit since many designers were starting to give many designs for the rugs. So, we can use the rugs as the decorations too.

Color Combinations for Living Room Rugs

The first design is the basic color combination that used in many carpets and rugs. The basic design of this color combination is using two or more colors then combine them to create certain look. You can find the simple blue-pink color combination with blue color on the right and the pink color on the left. You can also find the unexplained color combination since the color combination using many colors.

Pattern Rugs for the Living Room

The next design should be the rugs that designed in certain patterns such as dots pattern, geometric pattern, flower pattern, and many more. These kinds of rugs are very popular for the decorations in the living room. It can brighten the living room atmosphere if you choose the one that has different color from the living room.