Wall Bed Design for Small Room

Wall bed is really able to give more space in a small room. If you have limited space for your bedroom, you must be clever to choose a bed design to bring space efficiency. There are many designs of bed for small bedroom like loft bed, bed with storage and of course the bed that can be lifted to the wall.


Shelves Designs for Wall Bed

The bed frame can be designed in various styles with great functionalities. To choose a design with shelves next to the bed is a good choice. The shelves can be useful storages for any stuffs. Besides, the book shelves might be an option that you can try to complete the bed frame. Then, a combination of book racks and drawers will be nice nightstands for the bed.


Lifting Bed with Couch Beneath

There are many functions that you can get from this kind of bed design. At the night, you can pull down the bed for you to sleep. Then, in the morning, you can lift the bed and use the sofa for relaxing space. This furniture is really fit for the small room because it can consist more than one function in a design. Beside the bed, it can be comfortable couch, and useful shelves.