Wooden and Iron Material for Bunk Bed with Desk

Bunk bed with desk is really fit for small bedroom. This kind of bed is the loft bed style with only one mattress on the top while the desk is provided under it. Commonly, the bunk bed is chosen for children or teenager’s bedroom. However, if you live in small apartment or dorm rooms, this sort of furniture really can be a great choice.


Wooden Materials for Bunk Bed with Desk

Various designs for the bed depend on the choices of material, color, and style. Like the other kinds of bed frame, this type can be made of wood or iron. If you choose wooden materials, the bed can be made in rustic, minimalist or modern look. The colors are also available in various selections, from the natural wood hues to decorative paintings on it.


Bunk Bed Made of Iron with Desk Beneath

If you want a sturdier material, you can choose the bed frame made of iron. Commonly, it is available in dark color tones like black. For minimalist look, the frame is designed with simple mold style. Then, for the classic look, you can choose a design with decorative carvings and moldings on the frame like curls patterns on the bed frame and ladder.